Lamartine Hollanda Junior

CONSUL General
for Albania

Avenida Rui Barbosa 1654
50052-000 Recife

Tel. 55.81.34415606
Fax 55.81.32686185

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Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior is Consul General for Albania in the Brazilian states of Pernambuco, Paraiba, Alagoas, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Piaui, Maranhão, Sergipe and Bahia.
He is the President of the Consular Confederation of Americas - CCA, the Federation of Latin American Consular Corps and Associations - FLAMCA(Honor President), the Consular Corps of Brazil, CCB, see -, the Circle Diplomatic and Consular of Northeast - CDCN (a FICAC affiliated since 1987), the Association of Albanian Consuls in Latin America-ACAAL, and Honor President of Consular Society of Pernambuco - SCP, being also: President of the Bolivarian Society of Northeastern, as so as the Great Master of the Consular Merit Order - CMO since 1988, and of the Order General Abreu e Lima. HE has some titles, as Archduke of Asturias, in UK (Direction: Archduke Lamartine de Hollanda Cavalcanti Junior - 34 Buckingham Palace Road, Office 25 - Belgravia, London SW1W 0rh, United Kingdom.
HE Lamartine received (December 2003) a Presidential Decoration from the President of the Republic of Albania. His wife is the Consul Marialuisa Caveglia de Hollanda Cavalcanti. CG Lamartine Hollanda Junior is physician (psychiatrist), journalist, Public Relations Profesional, universitary professor, having many books and scientific articles published in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Italy and other countries.
His last published books are "Questões Fundamentais em Psiquiatria" and "Caminhos da Mente" (December 2006).
He is member of the Sciences Academy of Pernambuco, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Alagoas, Garanhuns Academy of Letters, London Diplomatic Academy, among others.
HE condecorated, last December 15 2005, the President Hugo Chavez Frias, of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with the highest grand of the Order General Abreu e Lima (Ordem General Abreu e Lima-OGAL), the Great Collar. At the same solemnity, the Ambassador of Venezuela to Brazil, Julio José Garcia Montoya, received the grand of Commander, of the same Order, from the hands of Dr.Francisco Maximo Ferreira, Chancelor of the Order Gen. Abreu e Lima (OGAL).
From 11 to 13 January 2006, HE, together with the Venezuelan Ministers Elias Jaua and Gustavo Marquez Marin, participated of many events, directed to concrete support to the poor people of the City of Abreu e Lima and of Pernambuco state. In January 12 2006, HE decorated the Mayor of the City of Abreu e Lima, Flavio Gadelha, in the grade of Official, with the OGAL, and the President of the Municipal Legislative Assembly, José Carneiro, with the CMO, in the grade of Knight, with the presence of the Venezuelan Minister Elias Jaua and many Venezuelan authorities, as Luz Emila Toledo, Ricardo Fong Key, Erika Holstein, Maria Inez Novas, George Carmona and others Venezuelan and Brazilian VIPs.
CG Lamartine Hollanda Junior congratulate Consul General Arnold Foote for his election to President of FICAC.
Consul-Gustavo de Hollanda Cavalcanti.
Adido Consular-Dra.Margarida M.Felix da Silva
Adido Consular-Dr.Anthony Ziagos
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